The Freedom Ranch Cowboy girls. These girls are living proof God can conquer any situation no matter how bad it may be. They are miracles!
There is something so powerful when 20 young people used and abused by the world and deemed "hopeless" sing songs of America that bring tears to the eyes of those along the parade route!
We honor our older vets at each location by giving them a ride on the smaller wagon. It's a thrill to watch the folks along the way cheer them as stars! And they are!

Hundreds of thousands have been impacted by our parade ministry and many other churches and organizations have been inspired to reach out in their communities. It has also impacted our young people greatly!
I have been told by several people in the media and organizers that our presentation is the "most photographed" part of the parades.
I have personally watched hundreds of old vets and families members struggle to stand and salute this re-enactment as it passes by! It is so moving to see it's impact. Old vets have sought out our boys after and hugged them in tears to thank them.

Try holding that pose while kneeling on rocks for an hour and a half! All of the uniforms these young people wear are 100% authentic.
While many seem to have forgotten we haven't nor ever will. There have been many graduates of Freedom Village who have served in our military around the world over these 40 plus years and sadly some have died. We will never forget them and will do our part to honor them.
We are free today---because of the brave. I have been asked many times "where did the idea come from?"---"what made you start this parade ministry?" I always point to the caisson and that flag draped coffin. That says it all as far as I'm concerned!

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